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We offer two Genuine Toyota Batteries that provide the optimum quality/value you are looking for.

The TrueStart battery is our premium battery that meets or exceeds Toyota specifications for all vehicles. The TrueStart is the only warranty service replacement battery approved for original Toyota battery replacement.

The True-2 is a value battery line that provides solutions for more price conscious customers and is not used for warranty repair.

Important Points

Many people may mistakenly equate high Cold Cranking Amps (CCAs) with superior quality. What they fail to understand is that high CCAs often mean minimal Reserve Capacity (RC), the ability to hold a charge and provide cranking power time after time. This imbalance between CCAs and RC can negatively affect battery performance and longevity.

It's important to understand that CCAs compete for space with RC in a battery, and Toyota TrueStart batteries provide the optimum combination of the two approved by the Toyota engineers who designed the vehicle.

Own a Scion?

Your Scion will receive proper care by trained technicians using Genuine Toyota Parts.

If you are dealing with a dead Toyota battery, the vehicle service experts at Faith's Toyota in Westminster are here to help. Our Westminster Toyota dealership has what you need to keep your car going, including with a wide selection of battery replacements! If you need a new battery in Westminster, let our vehicle service specialists take care of it! Faith's Toyota is your one-stop vehicle service shop for everything your Toyota may need! Our Toyota vehicle service experts are right near Putney, VT, Keene, NH, and Brattleboro, VT! Get your new battery replacement and all of your vehicle service needs taken care of in Westminster today at Faith's Toyota.

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