Conveyance Fee

Conveyance and Documentation Fees

All dealerships have an Conveyance and Documentation fee. At Faith's Toyota our fee is $499 and is applied to all vehicles sold. Unless otherwise stated that administration fee is not included in the listed price of any particular vehicle. For your peace of mind we have built this webpage to disclose to you all the reasons we are required to charge this fee.
Why an administration fee?
The Administration Fee, also known as a services fee, addresses costs incurred by our dealership that are separate from those paid to acquire the vehicle. The Administration Fee recognizes some of the costs related to compliance with federal and state laws which provide for safety, consumer protection, anti-theft measures, vehicle history checks, notifications, certifications, and official filings.
Much work and expense occur even before a document is ready to be used and there are many documents. Before vehicles can be sold dealers must invest in personnel training to carry out legal mandates. Not all transactions involve the same services, but all carry many legal requirements and documents to support those requirements.
Car and Truck dealerships must comply with state and federal laws, rules, and regulations specific to motor vehicles, which are implemented and enforced by these state and federal agencies:
Vermont Department of Safety
Division of Motor Vehicles
Inspection and Dealer Program Unit
New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board
Vehicle Emissions Program
State Police
Vermont Banking Department
Vermont Department of Environmental Services
Vermont Attorney General
Vermont Insurance Department
Vermont Department of Environmental Services
Vermont Insurance Department
Vermont Department of Labor
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Reserve Board
U.S. Internal Revenue Service
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
U.S. Customs Service
U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
U.S. Department of Labor
Occupational Safety & Health Administration
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Motor Carriers Administration
U.S. Research and Special Products Administration
Administration Responsibilities
Check vehicle safety, history and titles
Provide full condition information on the window label
Discover and disclose accurate vehicle mileage
Check for recalls on used vehicles where required
Complete required forms and contracts that protect your interests
Process titles and plates
File and clear liens
Keep your information private and secure
Fulfill vehicle emissions laws
Pass along manufacturer information including lemon law notices
Process rebates on your purchase
Keep you informed of your rights and obligations
Keep you informed of your rights and obligations
Keep important records of your purchase
Purchase required forms and supplies
Maintain technology to process your paperwork faster
Train staff to carry out laws that protect you
Maintain professional licenses that ensure quality service
Maintain required Dealer Bond
Why so many forms?
Most forms are required to fulfill Vermont and Federal laws; others are often necessary for accounting, financing, or manufacturer rebate reimbursement or notification.
Dealers must collect non-public, personal information that may be required as a result of a credit or title application. They do not ask for personal information unless it is required, because dealers take your privacy seriously.
Protecting Consumers
Dealers share an interest in creating consumer laws that keep customers' satisfaction high and the industry healthy. For that reason, VT ADA dealer member companies have joined the VT Department of Safety - Division of Motor Vehicles, the VT Banking Department of Justice- Consumer Protection Division, and other agencies in creating strict laws regarding sales.
Peace of mind
Vermont dealers must be licensed by the state. In order to qualify for a license, they must meet requirements regarding financial stability, proper dealership facilities, record-keeping and more. Licensing offers you the peace of mind that dealership staff have the knowledge they need to do business the right way.
The lists of rules and regulations and administrative responsibilities contained on this page are not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive but are, instead, used for explanatory and illustrative purposes only. Actual expenses incurred and recovered through and Administration or services fee, as well as the size of the fee, may vary by dealer, location, and transaction.

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